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Weekly Update August 22, 2017


What’s Been Going On…

I’m sorry I am late posting the update. It’s supposed to be a weekly update done on Sunday, which would have been August 20, not August 22. I’m two days late. This week has been busy. 

I was lucky and got Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off from work. Because I never get three days off in a row, I figured I better seize the chance to get things done around the house. I cleaned out my desk, did laundry, fixed the kitchen sink, and spent some time going through papers and other junk. I didn’t get as much housework done as I had planned, but I felt good that I did something. Most of my time, though, was spent on the computer working on the new website.

Blog Changes

I thought I had found a great theme when I started this new site, but then I kept running into problems with images not showing up. So I waded through all the themes until I found one that seemed like it would do the things I wanted to do. Of course, you never really know how well it will work until it goes live. This one seems to be doing okay so far.

I struggled with the decision about the background color. I know there are a lot of people who only like white backgrounds. My decision to use a dark background ended up being based on my own comfort. White backgrounds have a lot of glare and hurt my eyes more than dark backgrounds. This is probably in part because I have a condition called Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy. Even if I didn’t have problems with glare, I like dark backgrounds, except for when people use fluorescent or dark fonts.

My decision to use this background didn’t come without problems. I’m still trying to figure out how to change the font colors of some of my plugins, in particular the curated list manager I am using for the book releases page. I will probably have to go to the developer of the plugin and ask how to make the font a different color so it will show up on this background.


While I was off I also made a new TBR list. It’s a little strange how I set it up this time. I set a limit for each letter of the alphabet (going by author last name). For example, A through D have 25 books each, E has 10, F has 15, etc. (determined by how many total authors are on my master list on the computer).  Anyway, I added to each letter’s list the books I felt were most important to get done.

My reason for limiting how many go on the lists is so I can control myself with requesting more ARCs. If I don’t have an open slot on the list for that author’s letter, then I am not going to allow myself to request the book. In other words, I have to get some read before I can add more.

I’m hoping this will also motivate me to get books finished. Like if I really want to request a new book on Netgalley by, say, Chloe Neill, I’d have to get another book read from my N list before I could let myself send the request.

Solar Eclipse

Another thing I did while off from work was prepare for the solar eclipse. I educated myself on the phenomenon and its dangers, plus tried to track down some glasses.

Originally we planned to attend the event at our public library because we couldn’t get glasses anywhere else. But my husband changed his mind about going, mainly because he thought we’d fight the traffic and crowds without any guarantee that they’d have glasses left, and I had to figure out how we could watch the eclipse without the special glasses.

At first, I used a big cardboard box over my head as a projector. I looked really stupid standing in the front yard with a box on my head. So, I went back to the computer and got new instructions for pinhole projectors, this time made out of cereal boxes. We made a couple of those. They worked, but the image was so tiny.

While we were standing outside using them, my neighbor came over and gave us extra glasses he had. We were able to abandon our cereal boxes and watch the eclipse head on and in (somewhat) color. We were close to the path of totality–it got down to a tiny sliver–but it didn’t go pitch black like I thought it would. I was a little disappointed, but I’m glad I got to experience it. The lighting was so creepy.

What I Posted Since the Last Update…

I have been working on pages more than posts. However, I managed to get some things up on the blog:

Review: The Great Zoo of China

Hooked by Upcoming Books (August 21 through August 27)

Review: The Madness of Mercury

Interview: Laura Elvebak

Spotlight with Excerpt and Giveaway: Interpretation

Hooked by Upcoming Books (August 14 through August 20)

Plans for the Upcoming Week…

I will continue to try to restore all the content we lost from Books That Hook. This week will be harder for me because I have to work until 8 PM every night, including Saturday. But I’m going to try to work on the blog in the late evenings. I’m also hoping to spend some time on one of my unfinished novels. That’s another thing I did while I was off these past few days–I made a new outline for that story. So I’m all ready to start writing. I just need to motivate myself to do it.

I hope to finish at least one of the books that I’m currently reading. Three are close to done: The Sweetest Burn by Jeaniene Frost, Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews, and Grave Dance by Kalayna Price. It’s kind of funny that they are all paranormal; I’m usually better at throwing at least one or two suspense or historical romance novels into the mix. I did start reading Without Fear or Favor by Robert K. Tanenbaum. I’m only at the second chapter. I need to get reading on that one.

That’s all for the Weekly Update August 22nd.

Have a great week of reading and whatever else you have planned!
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  1. Lots of peeps post on Monday or later, so never feel bad for posting late. Good luck sorting through the blog, themes, and moving everything. Enjoy Magic Burns!

  2. Go you for being so ingenious and creating your own devices for the eclipse. We only got about 70% and it was still cool. A coworker had plenty of glasses – both of her parents are astronomers. It’s always nice to get some tasks accomplished around the house – I did a few this summer. Not all the things that should have gotten done, but I have a plan.

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