Water’s Threshold- Jillian Jacobs [Review]

Water’s Threshold is book one in the Elementals series by Jillian Jacobs. This urban fantasy novel was published by Jillian Jacobs in 2014.


What happens when a lonely water-girl finally finds her shore?

In a tourist town at the base of the Tetons, Maya Conway, a mythical being known as an Elemental, stands at a crossroads. On her current path, she is content using her life force—water—to protect humans and the environment. Her direction is altered when Mother Nature taps her to guide Terran Forrester, an analytical scientist, on his journey to become the next Elemental—Earth. If Maya crosses into his world, will her lonely heart find a partner or will his rational mind reject her otherworldly existence? When an ancient evil evolved from dark matter shadows their steps, which path will they choose—logic or love?

Misty’s Review of WATER’S THRESHOLD

This was a great beginning to this series. I couldn’t put this book down till I got to the end of the book. I can’t wait to read the second book in this series.
Water’s Threshold is the story of Maya and Terran. Maya is a water elemental who helps to protect the Earth and innocent humans. Terran is a human scientist that is also trying to protect the Earth.
Terran and Maya are fated to be together and fight side by side. Terran fell in love with Maya as they fought together. They fight the evil Quinn and win. Terran becomes the Earth elemental.


Do I Recommend?

I would recommend this series to anyone who loves urban fantasy about magic. I would reread this series over and over again.

My rating: I give WATER’S THRESHOLD 5 out 5 stars (A)

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