Thomas- V.A. Dold [Review]

Thomas is book four in the Le Beau Brothers by V.A. Dold. This paranormal romance novel was published by Vickie Dold in 2015.

Blurb for THOMAS

Julia is happy with her place in the shifter community as the owner of the famous shifter bar, The Backwater. But the life she’s created for herself isn’t enough to satisfy her crazy-ass mother, Lucinda, who shops her and her sister, Krystal, around to the pure blood shifters like pieces of meat. Only a born shifter mate is good enough for her girls.

Thomas James has his hands full as the shifter king’s head of security. He certainly wasn’t looking for a girlfriend during the first annual shifter gathering. He had the king and queen to protect, not skirts to chase.

A childhood of emotional and physical abuse by his birth father has left Thomas emotionally unavailable and uninterested in romantic relationships. His father Tim’s cruelty to his mother and brother molded him into an extremely protective person. No one messes with his loved ones without answering to him.

Even though Julia and Thomas are destined to be mates, the obstacles standing between them and their happily-ever-after seem insurmountable.

Lucinda insists Julia stay away from the filthy human.
Tim is trying to kill every one Thomas loves.
The mysterious Benevolent Sovereign, who is trying to overthrow the throne, has sent swamper’s to attack Thomas and destroy Julia’s livelihood.

With family like theirs, who needs enemies?

Will Julia and Thomas’s happiness be snuffed out before it has a chance to begin or will they forge through – obstacles be damned.

Misty’s Review of THOMAS

This was an excellent addition to the series. I really enjoyed the book. I couldn’t put the book down till I hit the last page of the book. V.A. Dold really captivated me to the pages of the story.
Thomas is the son of Anna and he wants to become a shifter and Julia is the cousin of Cade Le Beau. Her mother is crazy and is trying to force Julia to accept a mate that isn’t destined for her. Then she meets Thomas and realizes that he is her true mate. Their relationship builds quickly and Julia converts Thomas.
Thomas has finally found someone to live for and wants to be with. He wants to be a part of his new family in all ways. He doesn’t care for his father and the way that he had treated him, his brother or his mother. Their father comes back for Anna and hurts Julia and Thomas goes nuts.


Do I Recommend?

I would recommend this series to anyone who loves paranormal romances about destined mates and true love. I would reread this series over and over again.

My rating: I give Thomas 5 out 5 stars (A)

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