Sweet Enchantment – Anya Bast [Review]

Sweet Enchantment is a short story in the Dark Magick series written by Anya Bast.

Jove published Sweet Enchantment in the Anthology Hot for the Holidays September 29, 2009.


This novella provides a first taste of the world in which Anya’s new Dark Magick series is set.



More About Sweet Enchantment

  • Point of View: 1st person
  • Tense: present
  • Setting: Piefferburg, Fae City in Scottland
  • Sexual Content: explicit, for ages 18+
  • Pet Peeves: calling the female area her sex.

“A grand escape into a paranormal world brimming with sensual delight.” Wild on Books. 

Misty’s Review of Sweet Enchantment

“Sweet Enchantment” is a short story that begins the Dark Magick series. It was an excellent way to start this series. I really enjoyed this story and will be continuing with the series.

“Sweet Enchantment” is the story of Bella Rhiannon Caliste Mac Lyr and Ronan Achaius Quinn. Bella is a part of the Seelie Court and Ronan is Unseelie who came to the Seelie Court. Bella is easy to relate to and understand. Ronan is the male character that is not the unlikeable kind.

Bella and Ronan had a romance 30 years earlier and Ronan rejected Bella in front of everyone in the court. But when Bella heard that Ronan was in prison she went to save him the only way she knew how and that was to marry him. But when Bella told Ronan he told her no.

Ronan escaped prison and went to see Bella before he left the Rose Tower. He wanted to tell her the truth about why he rejected her, but instead makes Bella a fugitive with him.

To find out what happens on Bella and Ronan’s journey get a copy of the short story Sweet Enchantment.

Do I Recommend “Sweet Enchantment”?

I recommend this story to readers who like reading paranormal romance about fae. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to see this story play out in my head like a movie.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


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