Stone Song – D.L. McDermott [Review]

Stone Song is a paranormal romance novel, written by D.L. McDermott.

This novel was published by Pocket Star in 2014. It is the third book in the Cold Iron series.

Blurb for STONE SONG

Stone SongSorcha Kavanaugh never believed Gran’s stories about the Fair Folk, until one of the creatures walked into a bar where she was singing and stole a year of her life. So when Elada Brightsword, the right hand of South Boston’s renegade Fae patriarch, interrupts her set at the Black Rose, Sorcha knows trouble has found her . . . again.

The Fae warrior has admired Sorcha Kavanaugh from afar for months, but he’s aware of her unhappy history with the Fae, and has been waiting for the right time to approach her. Unfortunately for Elada, time has just run out. An old enemy, the malign Prince Consort, has identified Sorcha as a Druid descendent with the potential to become a stone singer, a bard with a voice that can shatter the strongest magical constructs.

Now, if she wants to survive, Sorcha must learn to trust one of the creatures she fears most.



Sexual Content: adult, yes

Pet Peeves: insta-love

Jen’s Review of STONE SONG

I read this book because I received a free copy via Netgalley for review consideration. However, my opinions have not been influenced. This review was first posted on our old blog, but I modified it before reposting.

About the Story

Sorca is a musician and a Druid. She has the ability to kill fae with her voice, but she lacks control. The Prince Consort wants to get his hands on Sorca because he believes she can bring down the wall between the worlds, which would allow him to free the Queen of the fae.

Elada and Miach are fae who want to make sure the queen is not freed. However, they have different ideas about what should be done about Sorca. Elada has been watching Sorca for a long time, and he’s developed feelings for her. Miach, on the other hand, thinks Sorca is too dangerous to be left alive.

Elada keeps Sorca safe. He convinces Miach to put Sorca under his protection. However, the fae who want Sorca, either dead or alive, keep increasing in number. The bad guys outnumber the good guys, and it’s not certain if Sorca will survive.

Elada and Sorca fall in love.

My Thoughts

This started out as a great book. It was original, interesting, and generally well-written. There was enough action in the book to keep me reading even when I was being irritated by inconsistencies, lack of attention to details, and insta-love.

I had some problems with the logic in several parts of the book. For example, Sorca is supposedly mad with lust because of the fae wine she drank. At one moment, she can’t speak or form a coherent thought. Then, in the midst of all this, she (somehow) is able to reflect on her relationships, her financial state, etc. This goes on for several pages. How was she able to think about all of this if she was completely out of her mind?

There were also some moments where she would ask a question about something she already knew the answer to. This was really annoying. I felt like the author didn’t do a very good job of keeping track of the details in each scene to make sure they weren’t repeated or missed.

A bigger problem, though, was the insta-love. I understood how Elada could think he loved Sorca because he had been watching her for a long time. Sorca, though, didn’t know him and, at first, didn’t even like him. So, how is she suddenly wanting to marry a man she only met a few days ago? This part of the book (around 70% into the story) made me want to stop reading.

I’m glad I kept reading, though, because it got back into the action. I didn’t have to deal with the insta-love thing for very long.

Do I Recommend?

If you don’t mind insta-love and people marrying after only a few days of knowing one another, you should read Stone Song. It has a lot of other positive aspects that make it worth checking out.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (B)
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