November New Release Giveaway Hop: Stranger Magics

Enter to win a copy of STRANGER MAGICS

by Ash Fitzsimmons!

This month, we are participating in the November New Release Giveaway Hop, hosted by It Starts at Midnight. 

We’re giving away a Kindle ebook copy of Stranger Magics by Ash Fitzsimmons.

 This fantasy book releases on November 21, 2017, published by Harper Voyager.



No one holds a grudge quite like a faerie . . .

All Colin Leffee wants is to be left alone: to run his used bookstore in peace, and to quietly drink himself to sleep every night in an attempt to drown out the memories of eight-hundred-plus years of existence.

Unfortunately, when a sullen teenage changeling is flung out of Faerie and onto his doorstep, the long-suffering, wayward son of Titania knows his dreams of solitude are dust. Colin—or Lord Coileán, as he is known to the Faerie court—must track down Meggy, the love of his life, and figure out how her child ended up in Titania’s clutches to begin with.

But with family, it’s never simple. He finds Meggy, only to see her yanked into Faerie—and the doors between the realms slammed and locked behind her. Now, it’s not just her life at stake . . . but the fate of magic itself.

Always the loner, Colin reluctantly joins forces with an intensely stubborn wizard, a young priest-in-training who fancies himself a knight, and his half brother Robin (the last most definitely not by choice) on a quest to reopen the doors and restore the balance between the realms. And with exiled queen Mab plotting in the shadows to take Titania’s throne, and the wizards of the governing Arcanum hiding their own agenda, Colin can’t be sure whom to trust—or whether he’ll live long enough to see the mission through.



How to Enter:

Simply leave a comment with your email address, answering this question:

What would you do first if you ended up in another realm?


The winner will be picked randomly (via on December 1, 2017.


The winner is…

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  1. maybe find help

  2. Look around and try to figure out what I need to do first. Find shelter? Hide? Find a friend?

  3. If I ended up in another realm, the first thing I would do would be to see if somehow I had magical powers. I would then wait for someone from that world to appear to inform me of my quest and the level of danger I was in!

  4. I would try to figure out where I was and if it was friendly and then find someplace to hide or live!!!

  5. would find help

  6. I would hide and try to figure out if it´s friendly or not.

  7. I would definitely try to figure out if the place and the people around me are safe/friendly and if they speak my language at all. Then I’d ask for directions out of the realm… 🙂

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  9. “What would you do first if you ended up in another realm?” I’d probably figure out whether it’s creepy or not. if it’s, then I’d go find a help. if it’s not then I’d be wandering around to seek for somethin.

  10. i guess my first reaction would be panic ( not very useful i know)
    thank you for this giveaway

  11. What would you do first if you ended up in another realm?

    I’m sure I’ll be out of my wits. Screaming inside while frantically looking around. Maybe, I’ll run in every direction while crying and trembling.
    And after a few minutes (or hours), I’ll shake myself awake – trying to get my head around the fact that I’m in another realm.
    Then, once I do that, I’ll muster every bit of survival skills I’ve learned in my life (which is quite a few) and I’ll begin surveying my surroundings.

    P.S. If ever I’ve loved that realm I was thrown into, I probably would stay and find some hot male prince Fae like Rowan Whitethorn. LOL

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