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Return to New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Lara Adrian’s “addictively readable” (Chicago Tribune) Midnight Breed vampire romance series with a pulse-pounding novella of paranormal seduction and dangerous thrills, where an icy immortal beauty and a lethal Gen One Hunter must confront a powerful enemy while struggling to deny the irresistible calling of their blood.




Midnight Unleashed coverI read “Midnight Unleashed” because I have enjoyed reading other books in the Midnight Breed series. When I saw the tour opportunity through Inkslinger PR, I jumped at the chance to read another Lara Adrian story.

Although I received a free digital advanced reading copy for review purposes, my opinions are my own. Thank you, Lara Adrian, Evil Eye Concepts, and Inkslinger!

The Story

In “Midnight Unleashed,” Sia and Trygg butt heads after a young woman is murdered. Sia wants to find out why the girl was killed, but Trygg is investigating the men involved and doesn’t want Sia to get in his way.

Sia is a powerful Atlantean. She has been used by men in the past, and she’s determined to not let it happen again. When Trygg tries to tell her what to do, she stands her ground. Trygg, a Breed with a dark past, doesn’t want any distractions from his investigation. His attraction to her is bound to do just that. He tries to push her away, but she doesn’t let him.

Trygg had been on the trail of a drug dealer when the young woman was killed. Sia had been helping in the shelter where the woman and her child were staying. They both have their own reasons for wanting to find out why she was killed.

My thoughts

When you read a Lara Adrian story, you can expect several things: steamy scenes, overwhelming sexual attraction, love that happens really fast, and a decent subplot about some sort of external danger.

I’ve become resigned to the insta-love and overwhelming attractions. Because I expected and accepted those elements, I wasn’t bothered by them. Also, I knew to expect the story would include one of my pet peeves, because that’s just the way she writes. So, I was able to overlook all that and focus on the plot, which worked well for a story of this length. There weren’t any surprises or twists, but everything fit together in a way that made sense.

“Midnight Unleashed” is a quick read, not just because of the length. The story moves along briskly and never gets dull, even during the times when the reader is learning about the characters’ backstories.  Adrian included a good balance of action and romance. For every hot sex scene, there was also a scene that put the characters in danger.

The Characters

I’ve already told you a little about Sia and Trygg. So, instead of describing them, I’ll explain why I enjoyed reading about them. One thing I appreciated was how Sia stood up to Trygg. She wouldn’t let him tell her what to do. Sia is also a likable character because she is kind-hearted, yet strong and passionate. It was a nice change to see the woman make the first move.

I also liked how Trygg came around to seeing her for who she was, despite his few lapses in judgment when he rushed to try to protect her. She didn’t need protecting, and he finally accepted that. Trygg seems like a brute at first, but the author did a good job of making him someone readers can sympathize with and understand. I think another thing that makes him likable is that he’s not physically perfect and doesn’t have a huge ego. In fact, he believes Sia is trying to manipulate him when she says he is handsome.

I like how she tried to make the characters dislike one another at first. And even when they liked one another, she made Trygg resist getting emotionally involved with Sia. It made it a little more satisfying when they fell in love. Of course, it happened super fast, but it wasn’t entirely unbelievable.

The Writing

As a whole, I thought the writing was good. I didn’t notice any errors, inconsistencies, or plot holes. The only thing I made note of was a part in the novella when Sia doesn’t know what a SD card is, yet she somehow can identify a firewall. That didn’t make much sense to me. Otherwise, I thought the story was well-written.

Do I Recommend?

If you’re not already a fan of the Midnight Breed series, reading “Midnight Unleashed” would be a great way to check it out. It can be read independently of the rest of the books and novellas. As long as you are okay with characters falling in love very fast, I think  you’ll enjoy this paranormal romance, especially if you like stories about mates or binding between a vampire and a non-vampire.

If you’re already a fan of Lara Adrian, then you know what to expect. This is a great addition to the series.

I strongly recommend “Midnight Unleashed” to all fans of vampire romance. I give it five stars for fast pacing, likable characters, and enough danger and violence to keep it exciting outside of the bedroom.

My Rating: 5/5 stars (A)


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