In Deep Voodoo – Stephanie Bond [Review]

In Deep Voodoo is a mystery novel, written by Stephanie Bond. This novel was published in 2005 by Avon Books. It is the first book in the Voodoo in Mojo series.



In Deep VoodooStart With Bad Mojo . . . There’s something strange afoot in the small town of Mojo, Louisiana. Yet even as the annual voodoo festival gets underway, Penny Francisco, who runs a health food business, refuses to believe in black magic. Her mind is on celebrating her divorce from her lying, cheating husband Deke.

Add a Pinprick of Revenge . . .

Fueled by run-ins with her ex-mother-in-law and Deke’s busty mistress, Penny is eager for the “emancipation party” her friends plan. When she receives a Deke voodoo doll as a gag gift, she sticks it with a pin as a joke. But when Deke winds up fatally stabbed, the police aren’t laughing.

And Watch Things Boil Over . . .

A junk-food junkie P.I. offers his services, and although Penny is wary of the sexy Cajun’s motives (and his diet), she’s desperate. Dodging a media sideshow and a looming murder rap, Penny realizes that somehow she’s landed herself “In Deep Voodoo,”



Jen’s Review of IN DEEP VOODOO

I read In Deep Voodoo because it sounded like something I would want to read. I thought it was going to be something supernatural or paranormal, but that aspect disappointed me. My first review of this book appeared on our old blog, but I’m updating and expanding it here.

Quick Review: Enjoyable read with good suspense

About the Story

In Deep Voodoo by Stephanie Bond (2005, Avon Books) is a hard-to-put down mystery/romantic suspense about a woman, Penny, who is falsely accused of killing her man-slut ex-husband. A sexy, Cajun, private investigator helps her clear her name while he searches for two women gone missing in the area.

The story is intricate, thrilling, and cohesive.  I thought the author did a great job of organizing the plot and details.

About the Characters

The characters were well-developed and interesting.

Penny isn’t perfect, but I could understand her. Although she seems like a pushover sometimes, I liked her and found it easy to empathize with her.

About the Writing

I liked how In Deep Voodoo had elements of both a mystery and a romantic suspense book. A lot of the book reads like a cozy mystery, but it’s not because there are some gory parts and sex scenes. It was a nice change. I thought the author did a great job of blending all the elements.

About the Worldbuilding and/or Setting

The descriptions were clear and easy to picture in my mind. I have no complaints.

Do I Recommend?

I can’t say anything negative about this book, except, maybe, that it would have been nice to know if there really was some supernatural or paranormal influence. That particular mystery is left open.

If Stephanie Bond were to ever go back to this series and write more books to it, I would definitely read them.

If you haven’t read In Deep Voodoo yet, I do recommend giving it a try.

My Rating:  5 out of 5 stars (A)


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