Healing Eden- Rhenna Morgan [Review]

Healing Eden is book two in the Eden series by Rhenna Morgan. This paranormal romance novel was published by Kensington/Lyrical Press in 2015.


Nothing good grows in the shadow of secrets.

A reluctant warrior in a rebellion he abhors, Reese Theron has buckled beneath blackmail to keep the circumstances of his birth on lockdown. He’s lost everything that counts—the right to fight for his king, the trust of his best friend, and any hope for a family of his own. Death seems preferable, until Galena Shantos meets him at his fateful crossroads and saves his life.

Galena’s loyalty to her brother, the king, is absolute. Healing his warriors on the sidelines of war, she’s witnessed too many rebellion atrocities to be swayed for mercy. Yet something about Reese blurs the lines of allegiance, the call to her heart raw and primitive.

When Reese ends up a prisoner of war, he’s visited by a mysterious being of another race and learns he’s the linchpin in a battle between good and evil. The lovers will face choices—Galena between family loyalty and championing Reese’s cause, and Reese between keeping his shameful secret, and saving all races by leading the darkest of his kind to redemption—starting with his own confession.

Misty’s Review of HEALING EDEN

This is an awesome addition to the Eden series. Rhenna Morgan had me captivated to each page. I couldn’t put it down till I reached the end of the book.
Healing Eden is the story of Galena and Reese. Galena is the healer of her family and Reese was Maxis second. During the battle between Galena’s family and Maxis Reese discovered that Maxis killed Phybe. Reese was injured during the battle and Galena wanted to heal him more than anyone else.
Galena realized that Reese is her mate and she doesn’t care what her brothers have to say about it. She realized that she needs to do what makes her happy and to follow her destiny.


Do I Recommend?

I would recommend this series to anyone who loves paranormal romance about magic and immortals. I would reread this series over and over again.

My rating: I give HEALING EDEN 5 out 5 stars (A)

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