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Hallow Be the Haunt coverYears ago, Jake Mallory fell in love all over again with Ashley Donegal–while he and the Krewe were investigating a murder that replicated a horrible Civil War death at her family’s Donegal Plantation.
Now, Ashley and Jake are back–planning for their wedding, which will take place the following month at Donegal Plantation, her beautiful old antebellum home.
But Halloween is approaching. And Ashley is haunted by a ghost warning her of deaths about to
come in the city of New Orleans, deaths caused by the same murderer who stole the life of the beautiful ghost haunting
her dreams, night after night.
At first, Jake is afraid that returning home has simply awakened some of the fear of the past . . . .
But as Ashley’s nightmares continue, a body count begins to accrue in the city . . . .
And it’s suddenly a race to stop a killer before Hallow’s Eve comes to a crashing end, with dozens more life at stake, not
to mention heart, soul, and life for Jake and Ashley themselves.




I read “Hallow Be the Haunt” because I have enjoyed other books by Heather Graham in the past. When I saw the tour opportunity to read this new Krewe of Hunters novella, I was very excited. Heather Graham did not disappoint me–this was a great addition to the series.

Although I received a free copy for review purposes, my opinions are my own.

The Story

Jake and Ashley return to Ashley’s family plantation to plan their upcoming wedding. Ashley also has to plan the Halloween festivities that happen on the plantation. Jake has to investigate murders in New Orleans, said to have been committed by witches.

I don’t want to say much more about the plot, because this novella is a lot of fun to read and figure out the mystery. I’ll just say the pieces fit together well and everything made sense.

The Characters

Jake: a Krewe of Hunters FBI agent, engaged to Ashley.

Ashley: engaged to Jake, tour guide, also gets messages from ghosts through her dreams.

Shelley: an artist, the first murder victim

There are other characters as well, such as people who work on Ashley’s plantation, Jake’s fellow agents, NOPD detectives, and suspects. All of the characters were developed enough for this short piece. It is very clear that Ashley and Jake are good people and they love each other very much.

I thought Graham did an excellent job of casting suspicion on other people, even though the culprits ended up being exactly who I thought they were.

The Writing

Heather Graham excels at creating creepy atmospheres. The detailed descriptions made me feel like I was there in each creepy setting. Although some parts of the story moved slowly because of backstory and setting details, I didn’t mind because I felt like I was getting the full experience of learning about the characters and locations.

If I had to complain about anything, I would say that the lack of proper investigative procedures bothered me. What I mean is: the cops and agents didn’t do a lot of what I expect investigators to do. In the big picture, though, it’s not bothersome enough for me to take off any stars from my rating.

Do I Recommend?

If you are a Krewe of Hunters fan, “Hallow Be the Haunt” is a must-read to continue following the wonderful characters in this series. If you’re new to the series, you can jump in at any time. You don’t need to read previous books to enjoy this.

I recommend “Hallow Be the Haunt” to readers who like stories that merge genres. This book is a little bit of each suspense, mystery, and romance to create an interesting story about a loving couple who find themselves in danger by humans, but get assistance in solving the case from paranormal entities.

My rating 5/5 stars (A)


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