Guest Post: Getting Back to the Roots of It All by Faith Hunter

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Getting Back to the Roots of it All

by Faith Hunter


Back in 1990, I started my career writing police procedurals with a co-writer, a former undercover cop named Gary Leveille. The novels were published by Warner Books, under the pen name Gary Hunter, and were set in Washing D.C. I’ve often described them as bang-bang-shoot-em-up novels, full of street language, tough guy/gal cops, and lots of  action. They were fun to write, because added to all the action was a mystery that our hero, Garrick Travis, had to solve. This became the foundation on which I built a career—my roots in the writing and publishing world.

Death Sentence and Death Warrant were followed by a number of thrillers of a different kind: paranormal thrillers, WomJeps (Woman in Jeopardy thrillers), a four book medical thriller series, and mainstream mystery/thrillers, all written solo, and all under the name Gwen Hunter.

But the mystery market changed. Over a period of ten years, most major publishing houses cut mystery/thriller lines and a huge number of mystery writers disappeared beneath the dull, still waters of Loch Publishing, whose chill waters are the death of many and the success of few.

However, long before that happened, I was being drawn to a new market, Urban Fantasy, because it was a combo of mystery and romance, set in a modern day, familiar world – but one with paranormal creatures. Before the fall and death of the mystery/thriller industry, I was committed to writing Urban Fantasy, under the name Faith Hunter. Currently I have 3 series: the Jane Yellowrock series, the Soulwood series, and the Rogue Mage series. They are all very different in tone and voice but they all are about danger and mystery and a little romance!

In few weeks, my third novel in the Soulwood series will be out – Flame In The Dark – in which Nell Nicholson Ingram—a character with roots in the most literal sense—solves a crime and survives in the gritty world of paranormal Knoxville, Tennessee. Nell is also a creature with uncomfortable and deadly earth magic of her own. As a cop, Nell goes after bad guys—criminals who are committing crimes with paranormal means. Sooo… Yeah. I’m back to writing in my police procedural roots, but with magic, magical mayhem, and magical creatures, but with modern tech, modern weapons, and modern problems!

There will always be mysteries to be solved, bad guys to catch, and love interests to find. I am still writing antagonists, and those evil-doers must be believable within the artificial world I create. They must fit within the scope of an ever-evolving genre, within the culture of a world much like ours, a world with fewer enforceable, physical borders, a culture that is a melting pot like ours, seething with ancient hatreds, ongoing cultural, ethnic, and religious battles, fewer places to hide . . . but with supernatural characters and magic. Like any world, there are problems and those problems need a solution.


About the Author: Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter author photoFaith Hunter is the New York Times bestselling author of the Jane Yellowrock series, including Cold Reign, Shadow Rites, Dark Heir,and Broken Soul; the Soulwood series, set in the world of Jane Yellowrock, including Curse on the Land and Blood of the Earth; and the Rogue Mage series, including Host, Seraphs, and Bloodring.


Her Newest Book: Flame in the Dark

Flame in the Dark is the third book in the Soulwood series. It comes out on December 5, 2017.

BlurbFlame in the Dark cover

Set in the same world as Faith Hunter’s New York Times bestselling Jane Yellowrock novels, the third, thrilling Soulwood novel stars Nell Ingram, who draws her powers from deep within the earth.

Nell Ingram has always known she was different. Since she was a child, she’s been able to feel and channel ancient powers from deep within the earth. When she met Jane Yellowrock, her entire life changed, and she was recruited into PsyLED—the Homeland Security division that polices paranormals. But now her newly formed unit is about to take on its toughest case yet.

A powerful senator barely survives an assassination attempt that leaves many others dead—and the house he was visiting burns to the ground. Invisible to security cameras, the assassin literally disappears, and Nell’s team is called in. As they track a killer they know is more—or less—than human, they unravel a web of dark intrigue and malevolent motives that tests them to their limits and beyond.

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