Embrace the Magic- Caris Roane [Review]

Embrace the Magic is a paranormal vampire romance novel, written by Caris Roane. This novel was Published August 31st 2013 by Caris Roane. It is the second book in the Blood Rose series.



When a blood rose enters Mastyr Ethan’s world, will he succumb to his deepest needs or lose her forever to an enemy intent on possessing her at all costs?

He desperately needs his blood rose…

Ethan, mastyr vampire of the Bergisson Realm, never thought to find his blood rose, the one woman who could ease the blood-starvation he’s endured for decades. But Samantha carries a surprising level of power as her newly discovered fae heritage emerges and she connects with his personal realm frequency, a vibration that ignites his passion. His commitment to ruling Bergisson, however, has priority, even over his driving need to be with Samantha. As desire rises, and Ethan finds himself drawn into the web of his driving, relentless need for her, will he be able to embrace his blood rose or will his guilt over past events prevent him from living life to the fullest?

How can she give up the life she planned…?

Samantha can’t believe she’s a blood rose, a woman who can meet the needs of a starved mastyr vampire. Her plans never included the world of the Nine Realms in which mastyr vampires rule millions of realm-folk, but learning that she’s half-fae has changed everything. As Ethan’s blood-needs become a life-or-death struggle, and cast her into a war against the dreaded Invictus, how can she choose to embrace her new fae powers and change her life so completely? Will she take on the role forever as Ethan’s blood rose? Or will her desire to follow her life’s ambitions force her to choose against love, passion, and unbelievable fae power?



Misty’s Review of EMBRACE THE MAGIC

This is book 2 in the Blood Rose series by Caris Roane. I couldn’t put the book down till the end. It was an excellent read. I really enjoyed this book.

Embrace the Magic is Ethan a Great Mastyr Vampire and Samantha a fae that were meant to be together. Samantha is Ethan’s blood rose and love of his life. Samantha didn’t know that she was fae till she meet Ethan.

Ethan and Samantha are the perfect couple. Ethan wasn’t sure about bringing Samantha into the war, but with Samantha at his side he is stronger and he might even win the war that he has been fighting for centuries.

Ethan has learned alot since finding Samantha. But he especially learned how to love and to be loved. Samantha has also learned alot since finding Ethan.

Do I Recommend?

I recommend this series to anyone who enjoy paranormal romances with vampires.

My Rating:   5 out of 5 stars (A)


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