Deceived – Kate SeRine [Review]

Deceived is the first book in the Dark Alliance series, written by Kate SeRine.

Deceived by Kate SeRine

Zebra published this romantic suspense novel in 2016.
*This review originally appeared on our old blog during a tour. I have made some minor changes to the review.
**Although I received a free copy via Netgalley for review consideration, my opinions are my own.


Luke Rogan’s assignment is simple: secure young Elijah Scoffield and his mother and bring them back to headquarters–just an ordinary mission for an operative of the Dark Alliance. But Elijah is no ordinary kid. He’s the grandson of one of the country’s most influential politicians–a man privy to the Alliance’s most valuable secrets, including its centuries-long connection to the Knights Templar. And someone else is attempting to capture the boy–someone who’s proven he doesn’t give a damn about collateral damage. . .

Heartbroken at the lies that tore her world apart, Sarah Scoffield will do anything to protect her son–even if that means teaming up with a deadly stranger. But Sarah soon finds herself falling in love with her dark hero. And as danger stalks ever closer, the fiery desire that claims them awakens in Sarah passions she’d thought dead and buried long ago. . .





  • Point of View: third person, alternates characters
  • Tense: past
  • Setting: primarily Wyoming
  • Sexual Content: explicit, for ages 18+
  • Pet Peeves: “her sex” — sex is not a body part


Quick Review: Hot in and out of the bedroom! Deceived is a fast-paced novel, packed with action and romance.

Jen’s Review of DECEIVED

The story is about a senator’s daughter, Sarah, whose son is in danger because he is the successor of her father in the Templar organization, meaning he may know the locations of Templar treasures. Luke is assigned to protect them. He finds himself becoming more attached to Sarah and her son than he should be in his position.

I really enjoyed the character development in Deceived. Both Sarah and Luke have reasons they shouldn’t get involved with one another. They have an instant attraction, yet the author doesn’t make it overwhelm them. Their reactions were believable. The progression of the romance was natural, not forced.

I appreciated that Luke was a gentleman. He was an alpha male without being rough, abusive, or sexually aggressive. He allowed Sarah to make the first move.

I also enjoyed how the author made the villain have more than one side to him. I liked that she humanized him by allowing him to feel some regret about his past and future actions. Even the minor characters like Will, Maggie, Jake, and the senator were all well-developed; I thought Kate SeRine put a lot of thought into every character.

Although there isn’t much mystery in this book–the villain is identified early on, there is plenty of suspense. It was a hard book to put down. The middle of the book focuses on the romance more than the danger, but it still held my interest.

If I had to give criticism, it would be about the Dark Alliance (Templars) organization. They seemed inept. In one part of the book, for example, they are supposed to have people in Chicago following Jacob from the airport to his mansion. Everyone is very confident that Jacob would be under surveillance until Luke and Will could arrive. Somehow, this didn’t happen, and I didn’t see an explanation for why that was so. If the Dark Alliance was so great, how did all hell break loose at the mansion? Where were all their agents, which should have been a considerable amount due to the fact that Chicago was a major base of operations?

Other than that, I don’t have any complaints. I enjoyed reading Deceived.

Do I Recommend Deceived?

I recommend this book to readers who like a blend of romance and suspense. The basic idea of the protector falling in love with his charge is very common in this genre, but Kate SeRine gave it a new twist by adding in secret societies and villains bent on world domination and treasure. I enjoyed Deceived because of the fast pacing, likable and believable characters, and clean, concise writing that allowed me to visualize everything easily.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


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