Dark Queen – Faith Hunter [Tour, Giveaway, and ARC Review]

Dark Queen is the twelfth book in the Jane Yellowrock series, written by Faith Hunter.

 This urban fantasy novel is set to release on May 1, 2018, published by Ace.
**Although I received a free copy via Netgalley for review consideration, my opinions are my own.


Jane Yellowrock used to hunt vampires, but now she must fight–and win–beside them.
As Enforcer to the vampire Master of the City of New Orleans, Jane Yellowrock stakes her reputation and her life on keeping her territory safe. But Leo has been issued a blood challenge by the emperor of the European vampires, who seeks to usurp all of his power and possessions. If Leo loses the match to the death, the city will be forfeit, and the people of New Orleans will suffer the consequences. Jane can’t let that happen.
Preparing for the duel requires all of Jane’s focus, but with so much supernatural power in play, nothing goes according to plan. She has to rely on herself and the very few people she knows she can trust to stand and fight. Only two things are guaranteed: nothing is sacred, and no one is safe.



Dark Queen Excerpt #1

Excerpt #1:
I Killed the Only U’tlun’ta in NOLA
Excerpt #1
I had been in my bed for all of one hour, and though the scent of Bruiser from the sheets and from his boxing gloves tied to my bedpost usually filled my head with calm, today his personal aromatherapy wasn’t working. I had rolled over half a dozen times trying to find a comfortable spot. Now, the covers were twisted around me, my hair was tangled in a knotted mess, trapping me, and I was ready to explode. I resorted to punching my pillows in growing irritation, not that it helped. “I should give up and find something else to punch. Someone else to punch,” I muttered, thinking of Leo Pellissier, the Master of the City of New Orleans.
My attitude was so bad that my Beast retreated into the deeps of my mind to get away, her paws padding in a jog. “Coward,” I snarled at her. Being two-souled wasn’t easy for either of us.
A soft knock sounded at the front door. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap. The first tap in each repetition more forceful than the others, but barely loud enough to hear through the closed bedroom door. Maybe a preacher. Or a steak salesman. Beast stopped and looked back at me. Excitement zinged through her. Man who sells meat? Cow at door?
I chuckled internally. Could be, I thought back at her. Or a proselytizing vacuum cleaner salesman. Did vac salesmen even exist now?
Is vacuum good to eat? Or salesman? Both? she added hopefully.
The knocking came again, a bit louder. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap. It was a rhythm that Aggie One Feather, my Cherokee Elder, might have drummed. My partner and soon-to-be adopted brother Eli hadn’t answered the door, and I could hear shower water upstairs. I grinned and I was pretty sure I was showing teeth. Lots of teeth. I wondered if they were all mine, but I didn’t really care. I was sleep deprived and ornery and if this was some vamp’s minions calling to cause trouble about the arrangements for the upcoming Sangre Duello, that might actually make my day. I could use a good fight. A blood challenge to the death between Leo and the European emperor and all their pals would surely provide that, but until then, I had the knocking visitor.
I threw off the covers and twisted my long black hair back in a knot. In the black yoga pants and black T-shirt, I looked like a ticked-off ninja. I picked up a fourteen-inch-long vamp-killer I kept on the nightstand and tore open the bedroom door. The knob slammed into the wall behind as I reached the foyer. Eli stopped on the stairs behind me, shower-wet, a weapon at his side. My partner in protect mode. I shared my grin at him and his brows lifted, an infinitesimal gesture that meant loads for the former (and forever) Army Ranger. I didn’t bother to try to figure out loads of what. I peeked out the front, through the tiny slice of clear glass in the layers of bullet-resistant and stained-glass window.
On the other side of the door stood a man, facing the street. He was tall, lean, maybe six feet three. Straight black hair hung long, down his back to his hips. Golden skin showed at his clean-shaven jaw, which looked tight with frustration. He was wearing black slacks and black blazer jacket. A white dress shirt collar showed from this angle and he was wearing polished leather cap-toe oxford shoes, what my boss, the Master of the City and walking, talking fashion plate, called a Balmoral. Imported shoes.
It griped my goat that I knew all that. Just another useless thing I had learned hanging around vamps. Another way they had changed me and my life. My irritation flamed.

 More About Dark Queen

  • Point of View: 1st person
  • Tense:Present
  • Setting: New Orleans
  • Sexual Content: explicit, for ages 18+
  • Pet Peeves: I really don’t have any with this series.


Quick Review: This book is full of mystery and action. Dark Queen is a must read.

Misty’s Review of Dark Queen 

Dark Queen is the twelfth installment of the Jane Yellowrock series. It is an excellent addition to the series. Just as the all the books before it I really love this series and the characters. Every time I read one of the Jane Yellowrock books I am captivated to the pages till the end of the book.

Dark Queen is the continuing story of Jane Yellowrock the “skinwalker”. In this book we meet Ayatas FireWind who is a PsyLED agent that wants Jane to help him. Ayatas wants a meeting with Leo Pellissier Master of the City of New Orleans to discuss the upcoming Sangre Duello with the European Master Vampire Titus Flavius Vespasianus.

When Jane first meets Ayatas things turn hairy and then goes to strange. Pieces of a puzzle start to fall into place for Jane. Now she is having to figure out what this all means.

I love how Faith Hunter slowly throughout the series gives us bits and pieces of Jane’s memories. I also love how her books play like movies in my head as I read them. I can honestly state that I will be rereading this series over and over again.

To find out what happens go grab your copy of Dark Queen.



Do I Recommend Dark Queen?

I seriously recommend the Jane Yellowrock series to readers that are into Urban Fantasy with shifters and vampires.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
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