A Cold Dark Promise – Toni Anderson [Review]

“A Cold Dark Promise” is #8.5 in the Cold Justice series by Toni Anderson. This romantic suspense novella released on November 14, 2017. This is a self-published story.



A COLD DARK PROMISE takes place during the week leading up to the wedding of former assassin Alex Parker to FBI Agent Mallory Rooney, who meet and fall in love in the novel, A COLD DARK PLACE.

In the midst of wedding preparations, a shadowy figure from Alex Parker’s past reappears and threatens the joy he’s found with Mallory Rooney.

Four years ago, Jane Sanders’s rich and powerful ex-husband kidnapped their young daughter and Jane hasn’t seen her since. Now she finally has a lead on her location and she knows just the man to help her get her daughter back. Trouble is, he’s an assassin. And he terrifies her.

Despite his upcoming nuptials, Alex agrees to help, but it doesn’t take long for the routine operation to turn complicated—and deadly. Can the former CIA operative make it home in time to marry the woman he loves, or will his dark past destroy all hope for their future?



Jen’s Review of “A Cold Dark Promise”

I read “A Cold Dark Promise” because I previously enjoyed another book in this series. Any time I get an opportunity to review a book by Toni Anderson, I’ll jump at the chance. She’s a great author!

Although I received a free digital advanced reading copy for review purposes, my opinions are my own.

Quick Review: Excellent balance of romance and danger, made even more exciting by a great cast of characters and a touch of humor.

The Story

Mallory and Alex are trying to get ready for their wedding, but work gets in their way. Alex is approached by Jane, who wants him to rescue her kidnapped daughter. The problem is that she had been taken by her father, who is a criminal weapons dealer. Alex agrees to help Jane, but he’s got to get back in time for his wedding. I loved the ticking time clock of the wedding that made me worry about Alex making it to the wedding on time.

Although this isn’t a long story, the plot was fully developed. There’s a start, middle, and end. I was satisfied with the conclusion of the novella, even though there certainly are more stories that need to be told.

The Characters

Alex is the star of this novella. He’s a strong man, but he’s a sweetheart when it comes to Mallory. I loved him.

Mallory gets her share of scenes too. I didn’t really connect with her. Maybe I need to go back and read the earlier books about her, because she seemed kind of dull to me, but that could be just because I don’t know enough about her.

We also get to see the point of views of Jane and Reilly. They are probably going to have their own book in the future. “A Cold Dark Promise” sets up their romance.

A few other characters have parts in this story too. Each character is unique and interesting.

The Writing

One thing I enjoy about Toni Anderson’s writing is how she gives just the right amount of setting details to help me visualize a scene. Anderson utilizes all the character’s senses to provide a complete picture of a setting. She doesn’t overdo it, and the pace of the story never suffers as a result.

As I said before my review began, I think Toni Anderson is a great author. She writes well and has a strong understanding of how to keep a reader turning pages.

I did notice, however, that the author used a lot of passive voice, particularly at the beginning of the book. Perhaps this resulted from her trying to give backstory, but it stood out to me as excessive. I don’t normally notice this in books, and the fact that I did probably means something.

Do I Recommend?

Yes! Even if you haven’t read any of the other books in this series, you can enjoy “A Cold Dark Promise.” The author provided enough details for readers to jump in to the series.

A lot of novellas suffer from being rushed or incomplete. This one isn’t like that at all. I enjoyed reading it a lot, and I would read it again someday.

If you like romantic suspense with heroes and heroines who are devoted themselves to their loved ones and their jobs, you should read “A Cold Dark Promise” and the other books in the Cold Justice series.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (A)

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