Brink of Eternity- Caris Roane [Review]

Brink of Eternity is a vampire novel, written by Caris Roane. This novel was Published May 11th 2011. It is the 2.5 book in the Guardians of Ascension series.


Blurb for Brink of Eeternity

Discover a secret, sensual world of winged vampire warriors—and the women they crave. Meet the Guardians of Ascension….

Elise Jordan ended an intense relationship with her lover Gideon when she could no longer handle their being worlds apart…literally. Elise, a human living on Mortal Earth, just wasn’t cut out for a vampire boyfriend from another dimension. Unfortunately, she never quite got over him—or the explosive passion they shared. But now, after denying her own fledgling powers for years, her increasing supernatural abilities and prophetic visions have become too much for her to deny. She’s being called to ascension—where she’ll become a winged vampire like Gideon, and face an army of lethal death vampires who thirst for her blood. Now she must harness all her powers in order to protect herself from her darkest enemies…and build a life with the one man who’s claimed her soul.



Misty’s Review of Brink of Eternity

This book 2.5 in the A Dawn of Ascension series by Caris Roane. This was a great book full of action, mystery and romance. I was captivated by the story.

This the story of Gideon and Elise. They had a rocky relationship and broke up a while ago then one night Elise has a vision and has no choice but to call Gideon and warn him that his sister is in trouble. When Elise told Gideon that she was clarvoyant and had visions he was upset for the fact that she never told him. But he was greatful for the insight.

During the course of the story they spend more time together and the spark between them is still there and at the end realize they need each other and that they are truly in love with one another.

I couldn’t put the book down till I was finished with it. I give Brink of Eternity 5 stars.

Do I Recommend?

I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances.

My Rating:   5 out of 5 stars (A)


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