Bound to Me – Jocelynn Drake [Review]

“Bound to Me” is a prequel (.5) in the Dark Days series by Jocelynn Drake.

This urban fantasy novella was published May 1, 2012 by Harper Voyager.

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Mira, the heroine of Jocelynn Drake’s New York Times bestselling Dark Days series, has been a nightwalker for centuries, traveling the globe as an enforcer for a secretive, powerful organization. In Bound to Me, for the first time, we travel back into Mira’s distant past to see the great love affair that shaped her.


Jen’s Review of “BOUND TO ME”

This review first appeared on our old blog, booksthathook.

I own a paperback copy of the novella “Bound to Me.” I read this because I wanted to start the series over from the beginning.

“Bound to Me” was an enjoyable read. I plan to re-read Nightwalker and continue with this series.

The story is about Mira and Valerio in the 19th century. It’s set in London, then Spain. The author tells the story from Mira’s first person point of view, past tense.

In “Bound to Me,” Mira has to figure out who or what is killing nightwalkers in her maker’s territory. She doesn’t want to go there because she doesn’t want to see her maker.

The Positives

The descriptions were very clear and easy to visualize. I felt like I was seeing everything in my head exactly the way it was happening. Jocelynn Drake excels at writing action scenes.

I also thought the characterization was good for a novella. Early on, I learned enough about Mira and Valerio to care about what happened to them.

The Negatives

Mira notices things that people wouldn’t normally notice about themselves or comment on. It’s a point of view problem, resulting from the story being told in first person. For example, she comments on the “long expanse of my legs.” Who would say that about themselves? Either Mira is extremely vain or the author wants us to know her legs are long. It makes me conscious of the author because I have to wonder about these things. The leg quote isn’t the only time Mira did this.


It’s just like if I said to you, “I brushed my wavy, brown hair this morning.” If you already know me, I don’t need to tell you what my hair is like. If you don’t already know me, you probably wouldn’t care anyway, unless it has some bearing on the conversation. So, it’s unlikely that I would even mention what my hair looks like, unless it is totally different from before. Telling you about it stands out, because it’s like I want you to know this not-so-important detail. Which begs the question: why do I want you to know? The answer to that question in a story is obvious: the author is trying to put a picture of the character into your mind. That’s not problematic, in itself. It’s only when the character is commenting on it in an unnatural or awkward way that it’s a problem. If Mira wanted us to know her legs were long, for whatever reason, she probably wouldn’t phrase it like she did. That, to me, is the author talking, not the character.


There is also inconsistency about whether Mira loves Valerio. On page 20, she says, “feared that deeper feelings were starting to form.” On page 29, she says, “for all the love that I felt for him.” Either she’s starting to have feelings or already loves him. Which is it?

I felt like there was a gap between this story and the first book in the series. What happens to Valerio? I am going to have to read Nightwalker again soon to see if I am forgetting something. Even the other prequel doesn’t help my understanding of his story.


Yes. “Bound to Me” was fun to read. It mixes some romance with lots of violence and danger. It’s worth reading if you haven’t already. Although I didn’t like how the character made strange observations about herself, which made me overly aware of the author, I did enjoy the plot, pace, and characterization.

5/5 Stars (A)


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