Awakened by a Demoness- Felicity Heaton [Review]

Awakened by a Demoness is book ten in the Eternal Mates series by Felicity Heaton. This paranormal romance novel was published by Felicity Heaton in 2016.


Asteria of the Second Legion of demons has messed up. Royally. With a capital everything. Certain that her dark lord is about to end her in the most painful way imaginable, she’s stunned when the fallen angel offers her an uncharacteristic shot at redemption—and determined not to fail him again. With her life on the line, she sets out on a mission that sounds easy but proves to be far from it when a hot slice of angelic eye candy comes storming into her life, stirring dangerous desires and tempting her more than any male before him.

Fifth Commander of the Echelon, the highest order of angels in Heaven and those responsible for hunting demons, he will allow nothing to stand in the way of fulfilling the mission he began close to a century ago so he can finally return to his home. On the verge of securing the half-breed he has been hunting, he can almost taste victory—until a sassy demoness struts into his life, awakening wicked needs and forbidden hungers that will test him to his limit.

When their mission brings them on a collision course, can they fight the fierce heat of the passion that blazes between them to claim a victory for their side or will it burn their resistance to ashes and set their hearts on fire with a love both forbidden and eternal?


This was a great addition to the series. Felicity Heaton is a great storyteller and she knows how to captivate her reader to the pages of her story.

Awakened by a Demoness is the story Asteria who is a demon and Rey is an angel. Asteria failed the Devil and Asteria was given a second chance by hunting down a half-breed and bring her back to the Devil. Rey is also after the same half-breed and bring her back to heaven.

During the hunt for this half-breed Rey and Asteria run into each other and there is a spark and uncontrolible hunger. Through out the story Rey and Asteria fall for each other. Their chooses are quickly put to question after spending sometime with the half-breed who chose neither side. Rey realized that he can’t live without Asteria.

Asteria is dragged back to hell and Rey follows her to save her from the Devil. He will do anything to save her because she is his mate.

Do I Recommend?

I would recommend this series to anyone who loves paranormal romance about destined mates. I would reread this series over and over again.

My rating: I give AWAKENED BY A DEMONESS 5 out 5 stars (A)

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