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The Veil – Chloe Neill [Review]

The Veil by Chloe Neil book cover

Book Review of The Veil by Chloe Neill. Book 1 of Devil’s Isle series. Genre: urban fantasy. My rating: 5 of 5 stars (updated review from old blog) The Veil, despite its stereotypical New Orleans setting, is a great book about Claire, a human with telekinetic abilities, who teams up with a bounty hunter to figure out why wraiths are attacking more frequently with more intelligence…1 Read More

The Dastardly Miss Lizzie – Viola Carr [Review]

Dastardly Miss Lizzie

Book Review of THE DASTARDLY MISS LIZZIE by Viola Carr. Book 3 of the Electric Empire series. Steampunk Fantasy. My rating: 4 of 5 stars. “Quick Review: Twist on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with female leads and steampunk elements. Slow start, but gets better as it goes along.” Click to read full review. Read More