TBR Purge Challenge

It’s time to do a TBR Purge Challenge! This means cut, slash, burn–whatever it takes–the ever-growing TBR to bring it back down to a manageable number!

TBR Purge ChallengeJust kidding, a TBR Purge Challenge doesn’t involve vandalism or violence. But it will involve taking books off the list, as many as possible between now and the end of the year.

If you are like me and have a huge to-be-read list, this is a way to make it a little less overwhelming.

To help motivate myself and others, I’m going to give prizes! Each month will have its own Rafflecopter. The first one will be in my weekly update on September 17.

The Thoughts Behind the TBR Purge Challenge

I have an absurd number of books on my to-be-read list, more than I’ll probably get to read in my lifetime if you take into consideration how many new books are always coming out and being added to the list.

My Goodreads shelves aren’t even a good indication of the size of my TBR, because I have many more books on my computer lists that aren’t even marked on Goodreads. So, I wanted a way to get a bunch of books off the list as fast as possible.

At first, I thought about having this challenge run for only a month. But, considering how huge my TBR is, I decided to make it run until the end of the year. That way, we can start the new year with smaller TBRs.


Step 1: Make a TBR Purge Challenge List

If you’re a list-maker like myself, you can figure out which books you want to get off your TBR. The list doesn’t have to be huge. It just needs to include enough books to make a dent in your TBR. You can set a goal for yourself or you can wing it to see how many you can get done.

If you don’t like to make lists, that’s okay too. The idea behind this challenge is to get through as many books as possible, by whatever means are necessary. How you go about that is up to you.

Books I’m including on my TBR Purge Challenge list are ones that:

  1. I have a feeling I won’t be able to finish. For each of these, I’m going to read around 50 pages. At that point, if I don’t want to continue reading, I will force myself to take the book off my TBR and put it on my DNF list.
  2. I can read fast. My list includes a lot of short stories and novellas. If I put my mind to it, I can get a lot of these done, and reduce my TBR significantly.
  3. I’ve read before, and I don’t need to do complete re-reads. These books are on my TBR because I never wrote reviews, but I think I can refresh my memory enough to write the reviews without having to read every word.
  4. I never finished reading. My TBR includes a ton of books that I started and never finished. If I would just finish the books, I could knock a bunch off my TBR.

Any other books you read during this time count as well, because they are also being taken off your TBR.

I’m going to be doing some other challenges simultaneously, so my TBR will be getting reduced in multiple ways besides just this TBR Purge Challenge.

My other challenges include ones for ebooks, ARCs, and prep books (those I have to read in series to get to the ARCs). If you’re interested in me making sign-ups for any of those, please leave a comment.

Step 2: Post a Weekly Update

This doesn’t have to be a separate post. It can be part of another post you do on a weekly basis. Just tell how many books you purged from your TBR.

In my posts, I’ll probably list the books and explain why/how I cut or finished them. And I’ll keep track of how total many books I’ve taken off the list.

Step 3: Link Up Weekly

Link your post up to the Linky that will be in my weekly update, starting September 17.

I’ll add links to each of my weekly updates here so you can find them easily.

Step 4: Visit Other Participants

Stop by some of the other people’s blogs and say “hello” or offer them encouragement.

Step 5: Post a Summary on December 31st

Tell the world how you did with the TBR Purge Challenge.


I’m excited to start this challenge! I’ve already read one novella and one short story that I put on my list, but I won’t officially count those. Today, I’m going to finish making my lists for all my challenges. That way, I can get going on them ASAP.

Leave a comment, please, to let me know if you plan to sign up. Have a great day!

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