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I am working on developing a BTH Reviews review copy library for fellow book bloggers. I used to have a similar library when I started Book Lovers Tours. Since I haven’t done anything with the tour company in a long time, I decided to move this to my book blog.

The rules are the same. You agree to post the review on your book blog. It is appreciated if you would also post to Amazon and Goodreads. Honest opinions are welcome, but be respectful and professional. By requesting a review copy, you agree to not share, distribute, or sell the book I send you. Review copies are in digital format. Epub and Mobi are available.


BTH Review Copy Library

Currently, I only have one title available for request. Hopefully, I will be able to add more titles soon.

To request a copy for review or to be included in the library, please first read our About page, then use our Contact form.



Fatebreaker Cover - included in BTH Reviews Review Copy LibraryGenre: fantasy

Publication Date: February 13, 2016

Blurb: To find and destroy a cataclysmic weapon, eight souls descend into a city beneath the earth, constructed by an extinct order of mages. The city is abandoned, but not unprotected. They face underworld cannibals in the shadows, ancient traps in the floors, and relics haunted by powers they cannot understand. Chasing them into the depths is a rival expedition zealously devoted to uniting the world under a necromantic oligarch. The heroes’ only hope is to unite and endure every last horror that awaits them.

This is the story of their traitor.

The first book in the Fatebreaker Saga is an epic fantasy adventure in a world of spies and secret wars… where swords and spells can be countered by guile and deceit… and where the course of civilization will be decided by people that governments cannot control and evil cannot predict.



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