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Welcome to the Our New Books page on BTH Reviews!Our New Books on BTH Reviews

This list is for our new books–any additions we have recently made to our digital and physical shelves.

So we don’t bog down this page, we’ll only show you the ten most recent additions in each category.

All of images link to Amazon.


Our New Books: Digital Review Copies

A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne (fantasy)
The Squirrel on the Train by Kevin Hearne (urban fantasy)
Shades of Memory by Diana Pharaoh Francis (urban fantasy)
A Dangerous Seduction by Jillian Eaton (historical romance)
Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison (suspense/thriller)
The Lady Traveler’s Guide to Larceny with a Dashing Stranger by Victoria Alexander (historical romance)
The Lady Traveler’s Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentlemen by Victoria Alexander (historical romance)
Stranger Magic by Ash Fitzsimmons (urban fantasy)
Hallow be the Haunt by Heather Graham (paranormal romance/mystery)
World Tree Girl by Kerry Schafer (mystery)

A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne - one of our new booksThe Squirrel on the Train - one of our new booksShades of Memory coverA Dangerous SeductionThe Lady Traveler's Guide to Larceny with a Dashing Stranger Stranger Magics - one of our new books

Our New Books: Physical Review Copies

Breach of Containment by Elizabeth Bonesteel (science fiction)
Neverwhere (Illustrated Edition) by Neil Gaiman (fantasy)
The God Peak by Patrick Hemstreet (science fiction)
The Killing Season by Faye Kellerman (suspense/thriller)
The Missing by C.L. Taylor (suspense/thriller)

Breach of Containment - one of our new booksNeverwhere Illustrated Edition by Neil Gaiman - one of our new booksThe God PeakKilling Season by Faye KellermanThe Missing by C.L. Taylor

Our New Books: Purchased, Won, or Free E-books

Samantha Moon: The First Four Vampire for Hire Novels by J.R. Rain (urban fantasy)
Lover’s Instinct by Katie Reus (paranormal romance)
Butter Witch by Tess Lake (paranormal cozy mystery)
The Highlander’s Iron Will by Amy Jarecki (historical romance)
Ghosts and Kisses (A Banshee Creek box set) by Ani Gonzales (paranormal cozy mystery)
Reckless by Maggie Shayne (romantic suspense)
Smoke Road by Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman (romantic suspense)
Dog Days of Voodoo by Deanna Chase (paranormal cozy mystery)
Mystic Ink by Casey Wyatt (paranormal romance)
The Killers Amongst Us by Declan Conner (science fiction)
Lover's Instinct by Katie Reus

Our New Books: Purchased, Won, or Free Paperbacks

no recent to report


Our New Books: Borrowed from the Library

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews (paranormal romance)
Sins of the Lost by Linda Poitevin (urban fantasy)
That Darkness by Lisa Black (suspense/thriller)
The Trouble with Fates by Leigh Evans (urban fantasy)
I Dream of Dragons by Ashlynn Chase (paranormal romance)
This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee (gothic fantasy)


I Dream of Dragons - one of our new booksThat Darkness by Lisa Black - coverThe Trouble with Fate by Leigh Evans - coverSins of the Lost - coverThis Monstrous Thing - cover

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