November 2017 Book Releases

Welcome to our November 2017 Book Releases page!

I’ve started handpicking the November 2017 book releases I think sound most interesting. I’ve been looking through 365 pages of books on Amazon to select the ones I want to share with you. I’m not completely done looking, so please check back occasionally to see if I have added more books.

The images are sorted by genres. In case you can’t see them, we’ve also listed the books by date.

All of the images link to Amazon because we are Amazon affiliates and we used their website to search for books. As time permits, we will also add Goodreads links to the book titles, so you can add them to your to-read if you find a book you would like to read.

Release dates are subject to change. We will update as often as possible.

Fantasy & Urban Fantasy

Shades of Memory - November 2017 Book ReleasesStranger Magics - November 2017 Book Releases

Cozy Mystery

Mystery & Thriller

Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

Historical Romance

Science Fiction, Steampunk, & Dystopian

Paxton VS the Undead (November 2017 book release)

Romantic Suspense

Young or New Adult

Weave a Circle Round (November 2018 book release)




By Date in November


Diana Pharaoh Francis – Shades of Memory

Carolyn Haines – The Specter of Seduction



Hazel Hunter – Evander

C.L. Taylor – The Missing

Shannon Mayer – Rise of a Phoenix

Bailey Cates – Potions and Pastries

Kate Carlisle – Eaves of Destruction

Lee Child – The Midnight Line

Wendy Corsi Staub – Dead of Winter

Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke – Every Breath You Take

J.A. Armitage – Eternal Summer

Jennifer Ashley – Alex Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction

Sharon Pape – That Olde White Magick

E.S. Thompson – Dark Asylum



Helen Scott – The Siren’s Bride



Heather McCollum – The Devil of Dunakin Castle

Michael Wallace – The Emerald Crown

Juliana Haygert – Soul Oath



Christy Carlyle – How to Woo a Wallflower

Toni Anderson – A Cold Dark Promise

Janet Evanovich – Hardcore Twenty-Four

Andy Weir – Artemis

Jen McKinlay – Death in the Stacks

Kennedy Layne – Deadly Premonitions

Madeline Martin – Highland Ruse

Elizabeth Hoyt – Once Upon a Maiden Lane



K.J. McPike – Souls Untethered



Donna Grant – Eversong

Hattie Hunt – Grizzly Attraction



Shona Husk – Maid of Ice

Ash Fitzsimmons – Stranger Magics

Suzanne Wright – Lure of Obsession

Rachel Grant – Catalyst

Dean Koontz – The Whispering Room

Sarah Raughley – Siege of Shadows

Rachel Neumeier – Winter of Ice and Iron



Alison Bruce – Ghost Writer

Katlyn Duncan – Six Little Secrets

Kristy Centeno – Dissension



Kristen Middleton – Paxton VS the Undead



Matt Larkin – Days of Frozen Hearts



Larissa Ione – Vampire Fight Club

Loretta Chase – A Duke in Shining Armor

V.M. Burns – The Plot is Murder

Maya Rodale – It’s Hard Out Here for a Duke

J.C. Eaton – Ditched for Murder

Deborah Blake – Dangerously Divine

Kari Maaren – Weave a Circle Round

Kaitlyn Dunnett – X Marks the Scot

Lisa Tuttle – The Curious Affair of the Witch at Wayside Cross

Teyla Branton – A Touch of Rain

Devyn Jayse –  MagicRunes



Lisa Blackwood – Sorceress Triumphant



G.J. Minett – Anything for Her

Alicia Wolfe – Dragon Shadow

Kevin Hearne – The Squirrel on the Train


We hope you enjoyed looking at our picks of November 2017 book releases!

If you think we missed something, please leave a comment. We’ll check out your recommendations.

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