Historical Romance

This page will focus primarily on historical romance.

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Historical Romance

The genre of historical romance includes all books set in the past that focus on romantic feelings between the main characters. A historical romance story usually ends with the couple getting married or, at least, proclaiming their love for one another.

My favorite historical romance novels are the ones with independent female leads who are atypical for their time period. I don’t like the wilting flower type character who swoons and bends to a man’s every command. It’s more fun to watch a man try to figure out how to deal with a woman who won’t listen to him or who won’t just throw herself at him.

I’m not currently reading any historical romance novels, but I plan to soon.

Recommended Historical Romance Series

I’ve linked to the series pages on Goodreads so you can see the reading orders.


The Little Season by Kasey Michaels

Recently Added to Jen’s Shelves

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Recently Added to Misty’s Shelves

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