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Book Review Index by Genre


Paranormal Romance

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Urban Fantasy

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Mystery or Thriller

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Paranormal Mystery


These stories are in anthologies, without separate Goodreads or Amazon listings. When I read anthologies, I usually only read the story by the author I am currently reading. I don’t read the entire book. Therefore, I am listing them apart from the books.

“Vampires Prefer Blondes” by P.N. Elrod (Chicks Kick Butt anthology) 


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As we continue to move reviews over from the old blog and read new books, we will consider more ways to index our book reviews. I want to eventually make it so certain authors and series have their own pages, because I predict there will be some authors for whom we will have a lot of posts. When we get to that point, we might have to make it so this page links to those other pages.

As you can tell, the entire website is a work in progress. It took three years to get everything on the old blog, and we no longer have the plugin that automatically indexes all the reviews. So this time around, it’s a bit more work. But, hopefully, after we get everything moved over, this website will be better than the old one. In the meantime, we appreciate your continued patience with us getting things updated, moved, and set up.

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