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This book review index is organized by genre. The images under each heading appear in alphabetical order by title. Under each set of images, I have written out the books. They are written in the order they appear on the screen, following from left to right.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these books were reviewed by Jen.


Book Review Index by Genre


Paranormal Romance


Frost, Jeaniene – The Beautiful Ashes

Arthur, Keri – Beneath a Rising Moon

Cross, Juliette – The Black Lily

Andrews, Ilona – Burn for Me

Jenkins, Delwyn – Called by Fire

Harkness, Deborah – A Discovery of Witches

Brady, Kira – Hearts of Fire

Eden, Cynthia – Immortal Danger

Garner, Cynthia – Kiss of the Vampire

Kohler, Sharie – Marked by Midnight

Adrian, Lara – Midnight Unleashed

Harrison, Thea – Moonshadow (Misty’s review)

Frost, Jeaniene – The Sweetest Burn

MacAlister, Katie – The Vampire Always Rises

Andrews, Ilona – White Hot


Historical Romance


Grant, Donna – Eversong

Page, Sharon – The Worthington Wife


Contemporary Romance


Palmer, Diana – Wyoming Brave



Urban Fantasy


Hunter, Faith – Blood of the Earth (Misty’s review)

Holzner, Nancy – Bloodstone

Drake, Jocelynn – Bound to Me

O’Hara, Tracey – Dante Rising: The Birth of a Venator

Hunter, Faith – Curse on the Land (Misty’s review)

McCray, Cheyenne – Demons Not Included

Wells, Jaye – Dirty Magic

Hunter, Faith – Flame in the Dark (Misty’s review)

Holzner, Nancy – Hellforged

Haines, Jess – Hunted by the Others

Andrews, Ilona – Magic Burns

Reppert, Shawna – Raven’s Vow

Reppert, Shawna – Ravensblood

Johnson, Suzanne – Royal Street

Poitevin, Linda – Sins of the Angels

Hearne, Kevin – The Squirrel on the Train

Fitzsimmons, Ash – Stranger Magics

Chance, Karen – The Gauntlet


Fantasy (Epic or Dark)


Khan, Ausma Zehanat – The Bloodprint


Science Fiction (Aliens, Space)


Bishop, J.T. – High Child




Callihan, Kristen – Evernight (Misty’s review)

Lee, Mackenzi – This Monstrous Thing

Bancroft, Josiah – Senlin Ascends




Mystery or Thriller


Gardner, Lisa – The 4th Man

Sokoloff, Alexandra – Bitter Moon

Sokoloff, Alexandra – Blood Moon

Sokoloff, Alexandra – Cold Moon

Stevens, Amanda – The Dollmaker

Olsen, Gregg – The Girl in the Woods

Reilly, Matthew – The Great Zoo of China

Sokoloff, Alexandra – Hunger Moon

Sokoloff, Alexandra – Huntress Moon

Rickstad, Eric – The Names of Dead Girls

Finder, Joseph – Suspicion

Black, Lisa – That Darkness

Tanenbaum, Robert K. – Without Fear or Favor


 Romantic Suspense


Anderson, Toni – A Cold Dark Promise

Martin, Kat – Against the Wild

Neggers, Carla – The Carriage House

Anderson, Toni – Cold Malice

SeRine, Kate – Deceived

Crouch, Janie – Special Forces Savior


Paranormal/Supernatural Mystery


Roberson, Chris – Firewalk

Graham, Heather – Hallow Be the Haunt

Leslie, Patricia – The Ouroboros Key

Blake, Heather – A Potion to Die For

di Marco, Connie – The Madness of Mercury

Evanovich, Janet – Wicked Appetite


Short Stories from Anthologies

“Vampires Prefer Blondes” by P.N. Elrod

“The Gauntlet” by Karen Chase (also shown above)

“Sweet Enchantment” by Anya Bast (review by Misty)


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