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We are going to start this book blogger directory out with some of the blogs we follow. As time permits, we will add more to the list.

Please send us a message using our Contact form if you…

  1. Do not want to appear on this page.
  2. Want us to add a description of your blog, genres you review, or an image.
  3. You want to be listed. In this case, please tell us the URL, name, and description of your book blog.

If I have visited your blog, but haven’t added you here, please don’t take it personally. I might just need a reminder 🙂

As the list grows, we will start to index the blogs by the types of books they review. We also plan to start a list for blogs that don’t review much or at all, but have other resources for readers.


The following book blogger directory is for active book reviewers:


All Things Urban Fantasy


Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Fang-tastic Books

Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust

Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Girl of 1000 Wonders

It Starts at Midnight

My World…in words and pages

Rabid Reads

Raspberry Reader

Stuck in Books

Under the Covers

Urban Fantasy Investigations


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