August 2017 Book Releases

We have curated a list of new and upcoming books that have caught our attention. This page includes the list for August 2017 book releases. The books are organized by genre. Because there is often a lot of crossover between genres, we loosely categorized them.

Paranormal & Fantasy includes:

paranormal romance, paranormal mystery, paranormal thriller, supernatural thriller, urban fantasy, and fantasy.

Suspense & Mystery includes:

romantic suspense, mystery, cozy mystery, and thriller (all of these are without paranormal or supernatural elements as far as we can tell)

Other Romance includes:

humorous romance and historical romance

Science Fiction includes:

space exploration, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and steampunk. Books about zombies will be either under science fiction or paranormal, depending on the tone and style.

What we didn’t include on our lists:

Because we don’t typically read YA or NA books, we have excluded many of those from our lists. We also excluded most short stories and novellas, unless it goes with a series we are already doing. Another type of book you won’t find on our lists is serials, which we dislike strongly.

Maybe down the road we will add lists for genres we don’t usually read like contemporary romance, women’s fiction, non-fiction, westerns, etc.. For right now, though, they aren’t on our lists.

Regarding how the lists are made:

All the links go to Amazon because that’s where we searched to find the books. We weeded through hundreds of pages of books to narrow down the list to the ones we thought were interesting. Many of these books have been or will be featured in our weekly Hooked by Upcoming Books posts.

In the interest of full disclosure, we must let you know that we are Amazon affiliates and earn a small commission from any purchases made from our links. However, that is not our main reason for linking to Amazon. It’s just easier for us to create the links that way.

*This list is a work-in-progress. Please come back from time to time to see more releases we have added.

August 2017 Book Releases
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